• EP REVIEW - Flocked Media

    The music is like water. With only five songs on this album, The Water Clocks will have you begging for more... Read More

  • INTERVIEW - REVUE Magazine, September 2011 Issue

    We're all musicians and want to be artists underneath... Read More

  • INTERVIEW - May 2011, Recoil Magazine

    Craig Nelson doesn't look back often, but when he does, he smiles. The Water Clocks' frontman was in the thick of the mid-1990s West Michigan music explosion... Read More

  • EP REVIEW - Ryan Cunningham, Recoil Magazine

    Dramatic in phrasing and in chordal harmony, the songs on this disc draw from the shoegazing guitar electronicism of Mogwai and Interpol as well as the open melodic anthem styles of modern arena rockers Muse and Coldplay, bringing the intimate to the large scale and vice versa. The craft and musicianship of this Grand Rapids four-piece shines through on this polished and atmospheric rock recording – a follow-up EP will be released later this year as an artistic continuation of this recently formed band learning itself, but what they have now is certainly worth a listen. — Ryan Cunningham